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How to move Redeemable between Shareslake and Cardano mainnets

Moving Redeemable between networks is really simple.

  1. Go to the Shareslake bridge website.
  2. Select the transaction direction (either Shareslake -> Cardano or Cardano -> Shareslake). Select Tx Direction
  3. Introduce the destination address (the address that will receive the Redeemable in the destination network) and the amount of Redeemable.Submit form
  4. Click submit.

That’s all! Sit and relax while the funds appear in the address specified into the destination network.

Redeemable token in Cardano

Redeemable in Cardano lives as a token, with policy id: cd5b9dd91319edbb19477ad00cbef673a221e70a17ef043951fc6786 and asset name: 52656465656d61626c65.

Redeemable token v1

There are still some Redeemable v1 in circulation in Cardano mainnet. Those correspond to the policy ID: e1d921643d6fd55a815f495f72aff7f5c3d7ac57a8783e0be293ac17 and asset name: 52656465656d61626c65, with fingerprint: asset185fu203mpwrexv34z2saeydpgq8v9z2gjkqglw.

Due to the changes we had to perform during the execution of the project, we are returning the ADA paid for obtaining them. It was 0.43 ADA per RED.

If you hold some of those tokens please follow the steps below so we can process your return:

  1. Send your Redeemable v1 tokens (in Cardano network) to the following address: addr1qypfxe56p0r3f0js5cav4jzja7qqedwfd888p6z9kxxs64cmth3jzw7y6ex4hxv9j4uj2e37ael8207rd2zfhjnnpukqy382j8.

  2. Send us an email stating your transaction ID at

  3. A Shareslake member will take care of sending you the equivalent ADA, which is 0.43 ADA per Redeemable v1 to THE SAME WALLET ADDRESS you sent it from.